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About Caitlin

BP 0064_01Hello and welcome!

I am Caitlin, a childbirth educator, a nurse and a mother who is passionate about helping other mothers.

If you are curious about hypnobirthing, you have come to the right place!  Please let me first introduce myself and explain why I believe that hypnobirthing provides the best start to motherhood for you and the best start to life for your baby.

Even before I became pregnant, I knew that, when it was my time to bring a baby into the world, I wanted to birth in a way that was calm and natural.  I suppose I figured that women had been giving birth in this manner for centuries, and I saw no reason why I couldn’t aim to achieve the same sort of positive birth that so many mothers before me had experienced.

When I found out that I was pregnant, I turned to hypnobirthing to provide me with techniques and strategies to enjoy my pregnancy and to calmly and joyfully birth my baby.

As a nurse, I have come to hypnobirthing from a scientific background, and I believe that empirically, the method makes so much sense. Our bodies are complex, are able to perform extraordinary feats and, just as they are capable of growing a perfect baby without our conscious input, they are also capable of birthing that perfect baby without much conscious effort.

After experiencing a beautiful hypnobirth, I felt so empowered and positive.

I strongly believe that, if your pregnancy and birth are the positive events that you hope they will be, you will enter motherhood feeling confident and better able to cope.

I found that hypnobirthing enabled me to have a relaxed pregnancy, a natural birth and demonstrated that trusting my mothering instincts led to ideal outcomes for me and my baby.

It is truly my wish that every woman has the opportunity to experience the pregnancy and birth that she desires.

My passion is helping mothers.

Whether they are trying to conceive, pregnant, coping with a newborn or wrangling a toddler, I love hearing their stories, providing advice when I can or at least a shoulder to lean on.  Since giving birth, I have provided casual encouragement to other women through my mommy blog.

I am thrilled to be a hypnobirthing practitioner and to be able to positively support women throughout their pregnancy, birth and beyond.