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Course Descriptions

Caitlin runs regular group courses in Red Hill, Brisbane.

The Hypnobirthing Brisbane Group Course is taught two ways: either in four classes of three hours each or over two consecutive Saturdays of six hours each.

Private sessions are also available and may be scheduled at a mutually suitable time.

For a schedule of available classes, please see the Schedule and Fees page.

Each class is made up of theoretical and practical components including the history of birth, hypnobirthing philosophy, the physiology of normal birth, relaxation techniques, visualisations and breathing exercises.

For a more detailed description of what is covered, please see the Course Outline page.

The course includes our textbook, Hypnobirthing The Mongan Method, three cds of affirmations and relaxation scripts, 12 hours of personalized training, Hypnobirthing Brisbane folio with unit PowerPoints, additional handouts and as much support as you require leading up to your birthing day.

Hypnobirthing techniques are straightforward and easy to learn.  Mothers have successfully learned hypnobirthing at 38 weeks.  However, if you have discovered hypnobirthing earlier in your pregnancy, it is ideal to book into classes between 20 and 30 weeks as this gives you ample time to practice the techniques.  If you are further along than 30 weeks, please contact Caitlin to discuss an accelerated course.

The love and support of your birth partner provides you with valuable comfort and encouragement throughout your pregnancy and during birth.  Birth partners are an integral part of the hypnobirthing process and, as such, the classes are structured so that the birth partners are encouraged to attend.

Having said this, there are sometimes reasons why a mother might need to attend the course on her own, and that is fine too.  A pregnant woman is really never alone as she has her baby!

As focus is required and relaxation techniques are practiced, children are not permitted to attend.

Certified by Hypnobirthing Australia, all Hypnobirthing Brisbane courses are professional, include up to date materials, modern ideas, and are relevant to the Australian system of care.

Caitlin is a Hypnobirthing Australia Certified Practitioner, a registered nurse and successfully used Hypnobirthing techniques when birthing her son.