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Class Outline

The following is the outline for the twelve hour Hypnobirthing Brisbane Group Course.

Private and intensive classes may follow a slightly different framework depending on the needs of the mother and her birth partner.

Unit 1: Your body is made to give birth!  Creating and maintaining a positive mindset.

  • Introduction to the positive mindset of hypnobirthing
  • Causes of fear and how it affects our labour
  • The role of our caregivers
  • Mind body connection
  • What is hypnosis and how will you use it for birthing
  • Your body is made to give birth – understanding the physiology behind birthing
  • The hormones of birth
  • Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome – how fear affects labour and how to eliminate it
  • Relaxation breathing

Unit 2: Your baby, your choices.  Health, knowledge and tools for empowered birthing.

  • Choices in maternity care
  • Importance of maintaining a healthy diet
  • Staying active – exercise during pregnancy
  • Tips for optimal foetal positioning
  • Reprograming the subconscious
  • The language of empowered birthing
  • How to create a calm birthing space
  • Conditioning yourself to release endorphins during birth
  • Releasing endorphins through touch
  • Introducing your toolkit for birth
  • The importance of facial relaxation
  • Surge breathing
  • The ‘urge’ to push or bear down – breathing down techniques

Unit 3: Preparing mind and body for an empowering birth.

  • Visualisations for pregnancy and birth
  • Pre-birth bonding
  • Bonding with baby at birth
  • ‘Guess date’ – a normal range of pregnancy
  • Artificial Inductions – things you’re not always told
  • Achieving a natural start to labour
  • Instant relaxation techniques
  • Self-hypnosis techniques to practice alone
  • Relaxation scripts and prompts for birth partners

Unit 4: Birth!  Bringing it all together.

  • Birth preferences – the importance of open communication with your caregivers
  • Questions to help you make good decisions
  • Birth companion as advocate
  • Your rights as a child bearing woman
  • Special circumstances
  • Breech or posterior – positions and options
  • Hypnosis for releasing fears
  • What to expect through labour and birth
  • Membranes releasing
  • When to call the midwife or go to the hospital
  • The birth partner’s role through labour and birth
  • Undisturbed bonding and breastfeeding time – skin to skin
  • Hypnosis – rehearsal for birth

A private Hypnobirthing Brisbane Refresher Course is also available.  This three hour class is a wonderful option if you have participated in the course before and wish to review the philosophy and techniques prior to your next birth.

If you have any questions or are interested in booking a Hypnobirthing Brisbane course, please contact Caitlin.